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Where do we go from here?


The Inspections:

What is an inspection?

There are numerous types of inspections. An inspection is meant to evaluate, at minimum, the structural and mechanical condition of a property - Mainly the foundation, the roof condition, and all of the systems such as heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and appliances. It is not the same as an appraisal which evaluates the market value of a property.

Persons involved in real estate transactions need unbiased information about the physical condition of property they plan to buy or sell. Therefore, the contract should include a contingency that you obtain a satisfactory inspection report, preformed by a inspector licensed by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission).

Finding a qualified Inspector

  • Referrals from satisfied customers

  • Referral from real estate agent or mortgage company

  • Local consumer affairs office

  • Yellow Pages under "Building Inspection Services"

Ask if she/he is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and TREC. The ASHI has established standards of practice which include the specific services, limitations and exclusions that can be expected from private home inspectors.

What the inspection, at minimum, includes

Every inspection should include, but not be limited to, an evaluation of at least the following:

  • Foundations

  • Plumbing and electrical systems

  • Doors

  • Ceiling, walls and floors

  • Roof

  • Hazardous materials concerns

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

  • Common areas (in condominiums)

  • Insulation

  • Ventilation



This list contains experienced Professional Real Estate Inspectors or Professional Engineers.

All members obtain a minimum of 32 hours (double) the TREC required continuing education each year and are active members in one or more additional inspection organizations.


AATCO Home Inspections Inc. 713-467-3339 Doug Haubold - TREC #2250 hometown.aol.com/aatco

Criterium - Farrell Engineers 281-444-9580 Pat Farrell P.E. #49449 www.criteriumfarrell.com

Inspection Team, Inc. 281-347-1426 Steve Lobpries TREC #4571 www.Inspectionteam.net

A.B.A Inspection Services 281-341-1333 Robert Freeze - TREC #1583 rafreeze@swbell.net

Daniel Inspection Service, Inc. 281-429-3734 Ed M. Daniel TREC #154 Terri4950@kingwoodcable.net

Inspector Homes 713-868-0000 Hal H. Husbands TREC #349 howellhh@inspectorhomes.net

A-1 Inspections 281-650-9243 R. (Sean) Chou TREC #4515 a1a1inspect@houston.rr.com

Elite Inspections 713-805-0259 Daniel Newman TREC #1673 dan.newman2@sbcglobal.net

Jacques J. McMillen & Associates 281-358-3965 Jacques McMillen P.E. #25905 jjminspect@earthlink.net

A-Quality Home Inspection 281-488-2387 John Hammond TREC #202 www.a-qualityhomeinspections.com

Fox Inspection Group 713-723-3330 Gordon Fox TREC #1718 office@FoxInspection Group.com

Jay Fischman, P.E. 281-360-8962 Jay Fischman TREC #3253, PE #44735 jayfischman@msn.com

ABET Inspections 281-242-1300 Jim Messina TREC #288 www.Abetinspections.com

H&H Inspections, Inc. 713-944-9814 Frank Hebert TREC #122 fhebert@hal-pc.org

Knueppel Inspection Services, Inc. 281-433-2507 Harold Knueppel TREC #4629 www.kisinspections.com

Aim Inspection Services 281-347-3040 Fred Brock TREC #246 aiminspect@houston.rr.com

HAVCO, Inc. 713-975-8630 Jim Havens TREC #3268 www.havco.com

Lone Star Home Inspections 281-444-9121 Steven L. Carter TREC #4279 www.inspectorcalls.com

Alert Inspections 713-896-1990 Otis Winters TREC #3024 www.alert-inspections.com

Homestead Inspections 281-358-2803 William Mealy TREC #1435 www.homesteadinspections.net

Pillar to Post Home Inspections 713-725-6342 Terry L. Foster TREC #5182 terryfoster55@sbcglobal.net

America's Home Professionals 713-647-6090 S. Robert Hill TREC #5665 TPCL #13196 www.AH-pros.com

Horizon Inspection Services 281-376-7602 Joe Gonzalez III TREC #427 joe@horizoninspection.net

R. Michael Gray - P.E. 281-358-1121 Michael Gray TREC #895, P.E. #72949 r.michael.gray.pe@alumni.utexas.net

AmeriSpec Home Inspections 281-580-6809 Rob White TREC #6011 www.amerispec.net/robwhite

Houston Housecheck 713-528-1848 George Szontagh - TREC #2212 www.housecheck.com

RAN Real Estate Inspection LLC 713-542-5684 Ralph Nicosia TREC #2775 www.ranrealestateinspections.com

Better Residential Home Inspec. 713-882-7460 Tommy Thompson TREC #2714 Tommy@InspectorThompson.com

Inspection Specialties 281-421-7355 Kevin Plante TREC #3552 www.inspectors.com

Sealy Engineering 713-667-3994 Taylor Sealy P.E. #64962 www.seaslyeng.com




Amrid Pest Control 713-880-3479 Tony Thayer TPCL #7509 Atv123@earthlink.net

Ballard's Professional Pest Control 281-821-2847 Larry Ballard TPCL #6075 ballardspest@hotmail.com

Church Pest Control 713-468-8400 Steve Silva TPCL #12430 www.churchpestcontrol.com

Fortress Pest Control 713-818-4594 Bob Diaz TPCL #11632 fortresspest@aol.com

Pest Control Consultants 281-350-5477 James Welch TPCL #10601 www.pestcontrolconsultants.com

Pierce Pest Control 713-825-2341 Michael Pierce TPCL #6323 mpierce1@houston.rr.com



The above list includes inspectors licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and may also include other persons authorized by law to perform certain inspections (for example, termite inspectors, engineers, electricians, or plumbers). The list is not a complete list of all inspectors that may perform inspections. You may also obtain a list from the local telephone directory.

Texas Cash Back Real Estate recommends that you hire an inspector to help you evaluate the condition of the Property, including its systems and components.

Texas Cash Back Real Estate does not recommend any particular inspector and does not warrant the quality of any inspector's inspection.

Brokers are not inspectors. You should address any questions about the inspection to your inspector.

It may be necessary to make certain arrangements for the inspector, such as providing access and turning on utilities.


Real Estate Broker or Agents have relied upon other sources for information contained herein, and have no reason to know that the information on the homes or builders is false or inaccurate.

Broker or Agents do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the home or other information. Do not rely on the information without verification or confirmation.




Buying a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. It can also be very stressful. Being familiar with a property's condition and need for major repairs before you buy is necessary so as to minimize any surprises or difficulties afterwards. An inspection is like a physical check up. If problems or symptoms exist, much like your doctor, an inspector will recommend further evaluation by qualified contractors or service professionals.


Generally, the home inspector is called right after a contract or purchase agreement has been signed. Before you sign, make sure that there is an inspection clause in the contract making your commitment dependant upon the findings of a professional home inspection. Both buyer and seller should specify terms to which they are obligated.


Inspectors do not pass or fail home inspections and it is important to note that all homes have problems. Communication with your inspector will typically help you prioritize repairs based on his/her opinion and experience. Depending on the terms of your contract, you should be able to negotiate at least some repair costs. The seller is typically responsible for major expenses but may also adjust the sales price or contribute to closing costs, etc. in lieu of, or in addition to, making repairs. Your Realtor should be able to help you once the report has been received.


Yes. There are several national and local organizations that have developed industry standards. In Texas, inspectors are licensed and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission and required to follow minimum standards.



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